EVO Advanced Charger (Europe - 220volt)

EVO Advanced Charger (Europe - 220volt)
  • Easy to use “Zero Button” Charger.
  • The only specifically designed Lithium maintenance charger on the market.
  • Advanced charging algorithm designed specifically to charge, balance, and maintain lithium batteries.
  • Comes with “alligator” and SAE leads.

Designed with Industry Leader Optimate the EVO Advanced Charger is the simplest and easiest way to charge, maintain, and store your EVO battery.

This simple “no button” charger tests the battery every time it’s connected, then charges the EVO battery with a dedicated charging algorithm designed specifically for EVO Batteries.

Once the battery is charged, the EVO Advanced Charger will continually check on the battery and keep it at the optimum voltage during storage. This is without a doubt, the best way to keep your EVO battery performing at its best for as long as possible!

£90.00 inc of VAT

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